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Barberstation Hair & Beard Shampoo

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Barberstation Shampoo is a special men's shampoo, tailored to the male scalp and, due to its mild care, also very suitable for washing the beard. Mild and refreshing shampoo with a lovely mint scent. Gives a tingling feeling on the scalp. The shampoo is suitable for washing your hair and beard hairs daily. Strong cleaning for washing out pomade or other styling products.

Men often suffer from flakes or dandruff. We often think it is dandruff, but it is usually dandruff. This shampoo can be used as an anti-dandruff shampoo. Men can get scalp flakes when they use their wife's shampoo. And that happens quite often. 😉
Women's shampoo contains a lot of care because women have longer hair and often chemically treated hair. Men's hair is usually uncolored and usually quite short. The excess caring ingredients are precisely what causes flakes in men. Barberstation Hair & Beard shampoo only does what a shampoo for men should do: cleanse very well! Try our Hair & Beard shampoo and you will see that you get rid of your flakes!

Barberstation Hair & Beard Shampoo -
Barberstation Hair & Beard Shampoo Sale price€14,50