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About us

Welcome to Pomade Online. It's nice that you are interested in us and the unique and special products we offer.

Our passion for pomade and related products goes back years when we came into contact with the original pomade at a local barber: Murray's. The passion for the product quickly emerged and it did not take long before we imported pomades via international websites and learned more and more about each brand.

In the Netherlands, these specific products were not yet available via the internet and, because our private collection was now starting to take on bizarre shapes, we decided to set up a simple online store so that everyone in the Netherlands had easy access to these fantastic products. Pomade Online was born.

Now years later, Pomade Online has grown into a true specialist in Pomades and accessories. Where we started selling from home, we have now moved into an office building with a warehouse where we can safely store all pomades and where we also inform customers every day about using pomades. After years, this is still our driving force and the reason that we are also available during the weekend for text and explanation: The Passion for Pomade.

We invest a lot of time in the quality of our delivery package. For example, we test every product that we plan to offer in our shop before we actually offer it. In our view, only then can you maintain high quality and provide our customers with appropriate advice.

Are you looking for a specific pomade that we do not yet offer in our shop? Let us know and we will look at the possibilities to help you with this.

At Pomade Online you as a customer are central. Everything is designed to make it as easy and simple as possible for you. When you ask a question via our customer service, you are assured of always receiving a personal answer within 24 hours. In addition, all orders placed before 5 p.m. are carefully packed and shipped the same day. Isn't even that fast enough? You can reach us 24 hours a day and pick up your pomade in our shop in Oud-Beijerland.

In addition to our high service, we also think it is important that you as a customer pay a fair price for the product. We therefore try to offer our products as competitively as possible. Do you see the product cheaper somewhere? Be sure to let us know.

If you have any questions, you can also reach us by telephone (0186-610022).

Have fun in our shop.

Stay Greasy,

The Team of